Antique Bulova Watch Questions and Answers

What is Keeps Good Time?
The generally accepted definition of what is meant by "keeps good time" in the vintage watch community is +/-1% per day. If you do the math on this, 60 minutes to an hour times 24 hours in a day gives you 1440 minutes. One percent of this is 14.4 minutes.  You will see this figure rounded up to 15 minutes.  I strive for a better standard. All watches delivered will keep time to +/- 10 minutes per day.  The vast majority will be within +/- 5 minutes per day.  Keep in mind that the most accurate watch you can buy contains an inexpensive quartz movement.  You should not expect spot on accuracy from a watch that is over 50 years old. That being said it's hard to beat the sound of a fine vintage timepiece ticking away on your wrist,  the experience of winding it every morning before heading off to work, or the looks of admiration you will get from your friends and co-workers.

EBay Auction Return Policy
I will always attempt to describe the cosmetic and mechanical condition of an item honestly and accurately , including many detailed photos, however an item should be considered "AS IS" and a refund would be authorized only in the case of a gross misrepresentation. If a watch that I have described as keeping good time does not meet that criteria(+/-10 minutes per day), it may be returned to me within 7 days for repair, and a refund will be considered only if the watch is not repairable in a reasonable amount of time. This offer is void if you or a third party watchmaker attempts a repair prior to returning the item to us. Any obvious tampering or damage to the item due to third party mishandling is not our responsibility and will result in the immediate return of the item to the buyer. I do not guarantee the waterproofing of vintage watches, even if the watch itself states that it is waterproof, water resistant or water-tested. If you have any questions after reading the description or viewing the pictures please e-mail us prior to bidding.

What if There's a Problem?
I stand behind every watch I sell.  If there is a problem Email me immediately. This has happend VERY rarely and I have taken care of the problem in all cases.  Of all the watches I have sold twice problems had to be resolved.  The first was a watch which arrived with the second hand loose in the case. I had the buyer return the watch and I had it repaired and sent it back the next day.  The second instance was a watch that was sent to Germany.  The package arrived empty!!  While this was insured via USPS, after waiting several weeks for a refund I offered the buyer a replacement watch or the money out of my pocket.  He took the replacement.  After waiting over 6 months for the refund The Postal Service denied the claim. So much for overseas insurance coverage.  Like I said, I stand behind my sales at all times.  I want you to be happy with your purchase.

All shipping within the continental United States is done via USPS Priority Mail. Fully insured shipping and handling is $15.00 for items under $500. All foreign shipping is done via USPS Express Mail. For most countries shipping and handling is $35.00 for items under $500. For watches shipped in the US if an item is lost or damaged during shipping I will work with the US Postal Service to obtain an insurance settlement. This can take several months. Foreign shipments are no longer insurable.

Warranty Information
All watches purchased directly from the Website come with a 3 month mechanical warranty. This applies to the original purchaser. The warranty does not cover accidents or abuse, batteries, the strap, or the buckle. The warranty is void if the crystal is broken, balance staff is broken, a third party has attempted repair or if the watch has any signs of water damage.

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